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Super Soft Memory Foam Pillow Cervical Pillow for Neck Pain Orthopedic Sleeping Pillows with Ergonomic Contoured Head Cavity Breathable Removable Cover for Side and Back Sleepers (Multicolor) G103

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Product Highlights :

  • Package Included :- 1 x Sleeper Pillow
  • Ergonomic Design Perfectly Supports Head.
  • Machine Washable & Hypoallergenic Supports Head During Sleep.
  • Super Soft, Ultra-Comfortable Pillow Filled With 8 Million Micro-Comfort Spheres Dispersed Evenly.
  • It’s great for neck pain, muscle pain, migraines, and more! If your pillow makes your neck sore and your headache, try the amazing new pillow that’s so soft and comfy even eggs won’t break.
    • Additional Information

      Product details

      :: Sleeping Pillow ::
      ✔What is a Soft Sleeper? - Soft Sleeper is the latest pillow.
      - Soft Sleeper claims to be a super-soft, ultra-comfortable PILLOW that guarantees sound sleep every night.
      Uncomfortable pillows keep you up all night, you fold, flip and fluff but never get that perfect support you have been searching for.
      ✔How does Soft Sleeper work? - Soft Sleeper claims to be so comfortable and supportive that you can run over it with eggs inside the pillow but they won’t break. - You can even sit over the Soft Sleeper pillow with eggs inside (between the two pillows, not literally inside the pillow) the pillow and no eggs crack.
      ✔The ergonomic design: - Soft Sleeper claims to cradle your head in comfort. - The Soft Sleeper pillow conforms to the shape of your head regardless of your sleeping habits – side sleeper, back sleeper, or belly sleeper.
      ✔Soft Sleeper Fillings: - It claims to have 8 million micro-comfort spheres that evenly disperse the weight of your head and neck as you sleep.
      ✔Stability: - The Soft Sleeper Pillow demonstrates its stability by having a glass of wine at one end of the pillow and a heavyweight falling on the pillow at the other end. - The vibrations don’t make the wine glass fall. - This test displays the vibration resistance nature of the pillow – which is essential for comfort.
      ✔Soft Sleeper remains COOL: - Pillows inherently retain heat owing to the properties of the filling material. - But Soft Sleeper maintains that the air flows right through the pillow (which is demonstrated by the feathers being blown off by the fan below the pillow.) giving you a cool night's sleep.

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